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Поддержка & Гарантийное обслуживание
Apply for a RMA
If your Gainward product is defective

1.Please read thoroughly through the Limited Warranty section of  support policy.
2.You can request an RMA number with our RMA department by sending us an E-Mail at rma--at--gainward.de.
3.Write your RMA number in large letters right beside the address label outside of the parcel you are sending.
4.A copy of the invoice from the Gainward must be included as a purchase proof.
5.Place the Gainward product in a sufficiently sized, well cushioned, sturdy cardboard box to avoid any damages during transportation
6.The freight to Gainward is to be paid by the customer.
7.Returned products without a valid RMA-number and/or with insufficient paid freight costs will not be accepted by Gainward.
8.If the product return is not defect/broken we will charge the customer investigative fee, therefore - please test the product properly before returning it to us.
9.Your RMA-number is valid for 30 days.

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