Gainward New “Phantom II ” Cooler Design
  Gainward GTX 680 Phantom, continue the elegant design of the first generation. The new Phantom II comes with brand new fins design (patent pending) that introduces 1) better thermal performance 2) lower acoustic level 3) more solid structure than previous generation. With this new outstanding innovated thermal design and optimized product design Gainward GTX 680 Phantom delivers an extreme gaming performance for enthusiast gamers.
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Gainward Grand-Prix Heat-Pipes
Hybrid Cooler
Gainward Grand-Prix Heat-Pipes Hybrid Cooler, was designed in 6 mm copper-water heat-pipes on a copper base conducting heats away from GPU at highest efficiency, then dissipating onto aluminum heatsinks, which are forced ventilated with Great 8 cm silent PWM fans (GR8).
Gainward Great 8 cm silent PWM fans
Great 8 cm silent PWM Fan (GR8) achieves highest cooling performance at much lower temperatures under power saving mode.
QuattroPorts, 4-ports-in-1 Universal HD connectivity
Gainward provides 4 ports in one, fulfills universal connectivity to diverse displays in extreme high-definition resolution. Dual View is supported with ease without bothering connector conversion.

*Gainward GeForce® GTX 680 Phantom integrated “QuattroPorts -Display Port, Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDMI”.